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When I’m not writing or sweeping chimneys for a living. CHECK IT OUT!

Conor Maynard music video  ‘ Royalty’is finally out. Choreography by Suzette Brissett.
London UK 2015

Conor Maynard’s new video is out finally! It was a great day working with some amazing dancers and choreographer Suzette Brissett who did an amazing job! Huge thank you to everyone who made my first outing amazing. Check it out!

Conor Maynard music video ' Royalty ' Choreography Suzette Brissett London UK 2015




New Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars READ ONE LITTLE BIT !, 14 April 2015 By
Now i understand the phrase “BREATHTAKING” on first sight this book for me looks like it’s something about mathematics.
It’s simple, it’s complicated, It’s definitely thought provoking. This book is a million times more than a book about Dyslexia.
Martin Gavin……………………..

I’m blown away sometime how people see my thoughts through my book. Each time making me feel that I am stumberling blind but somehow managing to stay on the right path. Book two is on its way.

If The London Book Fair showed me anything it was to plant my own tree and try to manage its growth.

I would just like to thank Martin personaly for his kind thoughts.

Thank you.

Please feel free to check out this link to other reviews of my book.


Reading these thoughts from my book again was like visiting an old friend. One l had  never met in person but that is just semantics for each time l remember his art he again lives.

Could this be what being reborn really is? Not the religious reborn of another place and time were we all live in our little utopian world  were all our floors on life become manifest to fit out interpretation of paradise, for if we keep the thoughts we do then is each heaven just a little island with a banner spouting this heaven is the right heaven ..

For me it’s a but more simple, when l take my last breath l will end, all of me will sees to be and it’s only in the memories of the people l have touched as they remember l will be  reborn.

William Blake

Question. Dyslexia, is it real?

It amazes me sometimes how l hear such conflicting story.

In my own mind and from my website l believe you can clearly see  were l stand.


Why are some schools so reluctant to get their children tested for being Dyslexic and for other schools there appears to be no problems with getting it done.

Is it just down to Funding or are some people  in education still not acknowledging there is a thing called dyslexia?

My London Book Fair 2105

What 3 days of madness this is, good madness but madness all the same. It will take me a day or 7 to get my little grey matter all line up in the right direction again but a wealth of knowledge is outstanding and l will get my grey little ducks back in a row.

I have filtered these 3 days down to  just two main genres of people. The hunters and the hiding.

HUNTERS like myself have a great stories to tell and of course it’s the best in the 7 known kingdoms and we are ready to slap and throw down our wet and soggy gauntlet at any who will dare to throw mud on our new boots, special polished for the occasion.  Hunters hunting our pray. The Hiding.

THE HIDING. that small, allusive and little known about literary agent that hides in plan site mostly l beleive found around the coffee watering holes with out their information being pinned or hung from their necks. Not to be underestimated as they are very strong and alert pray who will jump at the 1st sign or hint of a hunter on the prowl…..


London book fair

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