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As a dyslexic it is easier not to try to succeed in life.

You can find a reason not to try anywhere, believe me I know but if you don’t try who in the end is it going to hurt?

When you look back and see how fair or not you have come from that moment you decided not to give a damn about what the world and others think of your thoughts and just stand proud and think of your excuses as stepping stones you have to cross to have that life you dream of, not just living looking back at all those could have beens…….

I will never say it will be easy and we will succeed, only time will tell us that story but if you really think on what life really is, what choice do we all have?


I have loved William Black’s picturs

From when I first placed them on my walls at the age of 14. I was illiterate then, well untill I was 21, and as you can see I still spell with the colours of a raindow. :)

It took me until I was in my fortys to now he was a poet as well and it bloom my head.

His painting are clearly from a religious back ground and as I am not a question came to my mind.


My thoughts,

1. Has God made everything for us, for us to look after and nercher. my simplification. We are meant to be above the rest, Ordained in God’s image, seperret, the Earth and universe is ours.

2. Or mine, everything has come from everything, the strong have and will inherit the Earth. my energy will return back to just anergy, be it rock, bird, star or pool. We are just another part of life that will ebb and fall like waves on the sand. Nothing more