Monthly Archives: August 2014


With all the madness going on over the water and some of the video’s I have seen I’m starting to feel the only way to get through to some people and politicians relating to Protecting and Serving all parts of a population is to show the power they have, this has been done in the past by mass rallys, protest.
This has the effect of making yourpoint noticed but at the same time others will only see the .001 % of people looting  that clued the issue and get reported by the news as 99% of what is going on.  I believe no one from any family should have their sons or daughters put in harm’s way. No barricade to rush and find Rubber bullets, stun grenades and batons breaking bonds and ripping flesh. No hospitals overwhelmed with broken family’s drowning in the seas of blood and retribution of the law that did not Protect but serve injustice on the colour of skin. Gandhi & Martin Luther King walked in peace and blood was spilled by bullets, boots and batons to make a point.

Things have changed in my eyes, the world has become so much smaller when we can see the other side of the planet and shed a tear.

I have seen heard  in Great Britten and in the USA video’s , go back to the jungle, you are taking our jobs, all would be fine if we just kicked out all the Spicks, Blacks, Pacs, Hispanics and Mecs or just take your pick of what the News wants us to point and scream at today.

A point must be made, to make the ignorant think, not raze a cry as they grasp again for their batons singing let’s just perpetuate the same thing again. Crush them as they stand before us, make examples with their blood on the boot, batons of Police and floor with News feeds showing looters knocking down respectable shop doors.

But as I have said, a point must be made. It would require the will of all to work as one silently screaming by the act of doing nothing, just staying home.  Think about it, you personally not going out to work or whatever you do, by the most simple of acts of everyone not leaving their home or picking up the phone for just four hour on a single time and day. There would be no bloodshed, no Mothers crying why, no bloody batons or looting to cloud the point and day.

But that silence would scream how much we are all needed.  Think of a silent scream that crosses the land. Banks would close, pumps would stop pumping. No Police saying he went for my gun.


In a world of screaming, silence is a hammer.