Monthly Archives: September 2014


Hy Readers

Right I’m sorry I haven’t been posting like the little demon my mind thinks it is but I have good reason, well hopefully you will agree with me.

I have been going round and round with Createspace (the publishing arm of Amazon) tweaking not twerking my up and coming very soon interactive paperback book. Had to triple check that spelling on tweaking just in case. Having that thought of me twerking would blow my mind let alone  what mental hospital it may have put you in.

So I think my book is ready and I have just order 3 to undertake the final edit. Me a dyslexic editing my book on dyslexia, some I can hear even from here screaming, CAR CRASH but that’s all groovie with me as I have a CUNNING PLAN. My editing is only going to be concerned with the overall look of the book and confirming the links to the interactive side works. The rest as its my illustrations, my words, my thoughts, my hand writing in parts and a shadow of my spelling will all stay just how it is.

Here a pic of the final front and back cover. Hope you all like.

T-Care All