William Shakespear You Are Stupid, As Thick As Two Short Planks

I’m blog posts are a celibration of thought and life, not nessaseraly spelling.


I am no William Shakespear but my spelling is the ssame and my mind flys with dreams and colours to.

Some would say William Shakespears thoughts are art placed upon the page but if you really look at William Shakespears HAND WRITING you will see that the spelling is not constant throughout its length and his life. Its only now looking back we see this, but could I argued that he was a dyslexic of his onw time. Dyslexica never started when we start reading and writing book, it was only labels then. It was there within our minds before we started writing, I would say “its the way we think”.
Is the thought the art that is the most important think? Its only now when we are restricked to writing within a framework that the art can be lost as people consider more about the framework of the peace and less on it content. I think some still tell kids this by there words, actions and laberling. I do find it wherd how so many people who have read his work dismiss his spelling over the content of his words. But over the years in schools teachers have mist content  by  conforming to the spelling.

I remember the first story I ever rote, I couldn’t have been more then seven/eight but the teacher asked the class to write a storie, so I wrote a seven/eight year olds story, OK it may not have been a work of art but when the teacher ask who would like to stand and tell there story to the class my hand was the first to the sky and up I stood. I can’t remember the words or even how the story whent but the smiles I can remember and the teachers words “well done Paul come over to my desk so I can mark it”. Thoughs words still finds a place at the middle of my back like a nail being pushed throw my spine. She liked the story, she said she did, she like it enugh to mark in good. But when my page left my hand and entered the world of words upon a page my teacher rolled it up very small and throw it in the bin like a little ball. “I’m sorry Paul you can not write so just sit back down at your besk and you will start all over again”.

My mind is starting to think. If you lable people with being dyslexic as having a problem, or any of the other words that can restrict their minds with mental bars they then have to push throw even befor doing anything, instead of saying its OK, just let go of your thoughts.
To me letters without thought are just marks on a page. We should all take a leaf from William Shakepears writings. Just write don’t care about the spelling, conformity or structor, just write to get your thoughts out. Don’t be scared, restricted by the bars that have been placed within your mind by rools and the words of others. These can be nails that pin your mind to the floor. If nothing ells, if someone asks you to tell your story stand up proud as every part of us, the good, bad, easey and hard  is our story….

I know kids are self conscious but one thing I would have liked to have had in school was being asked to write my thoughts down at home on a topic, story or poem knowing everyone in the class would have to do the same and say, tell or perform there thoughts the next day in class. Then you may see the ture essence of the person and what they truly think without the restrictions of nailed down thinking, “I have to write this spelling correctly”. Problems come when my first thoughts are, I must try to conform, put my spelling right, I can’t, will it be ok. These thoughts can overwhelm amd take the place off fluwidity, thoughs gorges thoughts of gental arcking rainbow in my mind have, now disaperd, scard of by trying to conform.

What I’m trying to say is if William Shakespear was born now with all the restrictions placed on the spelling, conformity of wards and labelling , world he ever have get past feeling inabiquet as a kid to even come up with the amazing, bueatifal, constructive thoughts as an adolt?
I truly believe if he was in my class at school the teacher would have singled him out like I have seen with others and me, simply saying -

 “William Shakespear you are stupid, as thick as two short planks”…

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