Do you think Catholics go to Heaven?

And if they do. Do you think Muslims go to Heaven too?

Or is it a different place for all of us, or not a place where you can be you?

For religion excludes each other Its part of what it is

Could then the perfect bliss, they all seek be, the abandonment of Hunger, Desire, Hatred and Love? And I believe these are the thinks that make me me

The first law in all religion must be Thaw shall not kill Be it Protestant, Buddhist or Jew. But I believe some have thought that means. Do not kill your brother If your brother is just like you. See if you take away religion and you strip back all the skin. Is the energy of life within each of us The same?

Is all energy combined to achieve The rising of the Sun, warmth within our oceans, the rise and fall of mountains, the tears that break our Hearts

Could we just be the energy from all that has gone to all that will pass?

I cannot believe in Heaven where we keep the thoughts we do. The tears and sorrow we course to one another. The hatred too

You see For a Catholic to be in Heaven Would a Muslim to be in Hell, or is there an infinite stream of Heavens Each one made just for you?

Energy appeals to me Forever changing shape and form

But with all things there is a catch. For to know true light You must understand The dark

For does the energy to make  a Neo Nazi solute that should be hated by one an all remember when it was the energy within a Sunflower Propped up against a Roman wall

I believe that all energy goes on But all memories stay behind. They are not taken from that life But are lost in time

So my thoughts are, we should be guided by religion Just take your pick of one

But never be led by religion To kill a neighbors son

And if that is the case All we think of today All the hart ache, tears and love Will all just fade away

Then the Dark Pill of Energy’s Is a Dark Pill indeed

Unable to remember We have and we will live Forever

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