This is the place we feared to tread
So gird up the loins of your mind
Some will run but the strong will stay
Tears in eyes, trembling hands out of site
Standing in our trenches gazing upon our impenetrable walls
Trying to remember we cannot go back
Stand proud now stand tail, shoulders back lads, its time to attack
One foot then another just one at a time Tommy, Bobby, Suzie and Paul
Onwards and upwards, over we go, marching forth as our knees become week,
We can’t stop now, just one more step then another, another

We fight back our panic as others walk calmly by
Some off to work, some off to school if they only knew would they cheer or ridicule 
With the sounds of the day overwhelming the screaming from our minds
We’re in!

Now up those stairs and pass through that door before I die
Other worrier enter behind with others seated as the door finds its seal
Then outcome our bayonets as we stab trying not to kill the paper
Our fight subsides for a while as I look around, my mask that fragile smile
This class of mothers, fathers, adults, fighters, Spartans
This is just one of our many Saint Crispen’s day’s.

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