About Me

Hello Reader,

My name is Paul Hugh Ross

My book can develop your creative thoughts without being held back by your spelling.


leave spelling to other book.


Now a liitle bit about me;

My name is Paul Hugh Ross. Hugh is the name of my godfather whom I never see, it’s a tradition passed down from the family, not the never seeing part, just the name!

On this day you find me up to my neck in my mid life revelation.

I am Dyslexic and it is a word I feel gets banded about without people really understanding. Everyone knows the name but how many have seen some parts of its colours? My mind has always been a rainbow of colours on full speed, with the only constant thing being my loving wife. I write my thoughts, then she, with the patience of a Saint, will go over each word so my thoughts can be heard when I am not there.

I had been to at least eleven schools by the age of thirteen, lived in numerous parts of Southampton, passed from aunty to uncle, ripped from Southampton to London, London to Southampton then ripped back to London as my family worked as publicans. At the age of thirteen they were told I was completely illiterate, something I knew all along, with the help of my family, school, my own inclination to work at school I, at twenty-one, a week after my first angel was born, I entered adult education as a complete illiterate. Wanting only to be able to read a book to my daughter at bedtime and with one to one help from ladies (who’s names I have forgotten but will never forget their help and kindness.) I can now read with my spelling still, well just over the rainbow!

I started writing when I was about 42, right out of the blue while reading a book (I didn’t do that very often either). A thought came to me and I had a pen without paper, my loving wife said write your thoughts on the book, my life has never been the same from that moment on.

I think we are all the things that have happened to us. IF ANY PART HAD CHANGED I may not have turned out the way I am, and from the age of forty, I am happy, just unable to thank some for their help in the education of my life.

I believe – All we can do in life is Agree, Disagree Or foolishly think we can go through life without taking part.

This website, all of my eBooks, books to come, everything I have ever written and will ever write comes from just one thought I had which hit my mind like a hammer.

A writer is just someone who just writes, not thinks or dreams, just someone who writes. NO-ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT SPELLING.