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Dyslexic Thoughts in Words.1. 1 of More. A celebration of my dyslexic mind.
“I believe we are all different, unique and amazing, so with that in mind let me share my own thoughts, feelings, spelling, hand writing, illustrations & video performances.There are QR CODES scattered throughout my book. JUST CLICK THEM, or with a Smart Phone you can download a Bar Code APP and scan them. They will then connect you with a performance or more information on what you have just read, PLEASE NOTE “Smart phones not included”

Dyslexic Thoughts in Words.2.
“A continuing celebration of dyslexic thought”


Forgotten LettersForgotten Letters
Forgotten Letters is an anthology of works by writers with dyslexia, bringing together established and emerging writers. This is a first – traditionally dyslexia is considered a linguistic and written disability.Despite evidence that suggests many prominent literary figures have been dyslexic, the myth perpetuates. This anthology seeks to dispel this belief. Please click here for website
Fifty Poems About Christmas
Vito Gentile is my friend. He has been writing Christmas poems for almost fifty years and sending them out to family and friends for over forty. Finally the collection! His poems delight in the joys of Christmas from unique angles. From “Christmas rides a city bus…”, “A camel and a star stood on the side of a cellophane hill…”, “Sail away towards the furthermost star…, to “… a trillion tin angels sing Adeste Fideles!”, Gentile conjures up countless realities.
His novel approach to the holiday season will lift your spirits with smiles and warmhearted tears. Please click here for website

Fishing in the Aftermath
SALENA GODDEN is a talented and unique artist who’s thoughts ascend to the light or dive to the black. I have personal see her performing her art in poetry and music, one not to miss.
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